Sunday, September 26, 2004

Backyard View

Backyard View
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I love this tree. Last year, the back half split off--what a sound that was. It still looks great, but I'm a little afraid of it now. What if the front half falls towards our house? Aren't oaks supposed to be mighty?

M., our dog Rex, and I went walking up the hill behind our house yesterday. There are some magnificent old oaks up there. There's also a great view of the new subdevelopment going in nearby. I wondered if the 'burb would creep up the hill and overtake the oaks. It's private land, so noone would even know to miss them. The subdevelopment has already chopped down some really wonderful specimens.

I love living here, and I know that something nice must've been sacrificed to build my house, but I wish we could stop now, or at least not cut down any more oaks. They take so long to grow, and there just aren't enough of them any more.


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