Monday, September 27, 2004

Visa for Avalon

I was just listening to Maureen Corrigan's review of the book, Visa for Avalon, by Brhyar, on Fresh Air. Corrigan raved intelligently about the book, even though she made it sound a little like her description of The Lottery: "I get it already" fiction. It makes me so happy to hear about new things intelligently discussed, whether it's my speed or not.

I have "White Teeth" by Zadie Smith on my nightstand. Gotta get to that. And "Kavalier and Klay." But first: time to watch the last hour of The Trial (that'll make one paranoid), then I'll cozy up the bed with flannel sheets that have lain in hibernation over the summer. Fall is here.


At 12:56 AM, September 28, 2004, Blogger Rebecca said...

Looks like an interesting read. I've enjoyed Corrigan's reviews whenever I've caught them. And all these years, I somehow missed that they'd made a film of The Trial, although I read the book in High School and I think it left a permanent mark on my brain & my ability to perceive reality. That Kafka - what a kidder!

I'm SO GLAD you're posting. A great combination so far of tidbits from your life and your thoughts on things. Hooray for you! Thanks for sharing. -r


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