Monday, February 07, 2005

Wedding Ticks

The Stansbury Home
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- Test four-block walk from wedding site to reception site: check.
- View the reception space and ask stupid questions: check.
- Reserve hotel room blocks for family and friends: check.
- Order flowers: check.

We didn't meet with caterers or an officiant, but I might be able to do that when I swing through Chico for a day over the President's Day weekend. I was glad to get these items off my to-do list, but I still feel a bit behind.

It was a satisfying 23 hour trip. My brother and his family took M and I out to a very nice dinner. I read to my nephew and he snuggled up to me very cozily--wish I could do the auntly routine more regularly and often. We even had a chance to walk the dog at Upper Park, a truly lovely spot that had an off-leash area. We took them out to breakfast the next morning, and saw the florist on the way out of town.

A terrible accident on the way home detoured us for an hour and a half, but we took a back road that we'd been meaning to travel for ages. It was beautiful. We fell back into that dreamy, "what if" conversation and musings about moving out to the boonies, real ones. Then we passed the enormous Indian casino and had second thoughts.

I was exhausted when I got home. Cleaned the next day instead of going to meet the PWG gals at The Box for writing time. I was definitely in a funk yesterday. But I'm better now, Mom! Really.


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