Sunday, June 24, 2007

Summer, Anniversary

Happy summer, everyone! Aren't these long days just the best? I celebrated by washing the deck yesterday.


M and I were supposed to celebrate our second wedding anniversary (can you believe it?) tonight since he's in class late tomorrow night, but were thwarted by his moot court brief, which still is not quite done at 9:47 p.m. We worked on it for most of the day today. [Pause while he reads it out loud to me one last time…please, FSM, let it be one last time…] So instead of dining at West County Grill this evening, we had burritos out on the aforementioned clean deck in between editing sessions. Which was just fine. Eye on the prize, people, gotta keep our eye on the prize.

However, we did have a lovely night out last night. A M's suggestion, we drove up to Healdsburg and took a stroll around the touristy plaza, peering at the second hand books and marveling at the planks of pink salt in the gourmet store, had a drink at John & Zeke's, where we heard tales of his friend the bartender's third encounter with the Bar exam which involved vomiting and long hours dictating to a computer, and ended up at the Charcuterie which you wouldn't think would have much for a vegetarian with a name like that, but does.

Which is all to say that I love, love, love my husband very much. I'm so glad to be married to such a wonderful man who cares for me the way that he does. We're a very happy, very fortunate couple and I look forward to how our life together continues to unfold.


For anyone who cares about geeky tech stuff, I volunteered to work the schwag table (I'm the blur in the background) at Foo Camp on Friday afternoon/evening, which was exhausting for me after an exhausting week (jeez I'm getting old, though I did get carded today!). I had planned to actually go and be immersed in the geekery (how geeky you ask? Google's Larry Page arrived by private chopper) as an attendee at some point over the weekend, but my car is still in the shop and I just wanted to be at home and then M needed help, so my intentions didn't materialize and I feel a little like a bad manager since I should've gone in my boss' stead since she couldn't but…oh well. I did, however, wear my new paprika-colored shoes to pass out tshirts and beverage containers (those of you who have never been witness to my point-and-stroke technique with swag/gift items are really missing out, lemme tell ya).


Domestic update: the new bed is **wonderful** and the new fence is impenetrable to all but sound, sadly. I joke about wanting to invent a "shut up" collar for our neighbor, a device that metes him a smart little zing every time he yells at his children or dogs. I told M today that I wanted a cone of silence for our home, but he reminded me that we need to hear the birds. The Monster Mobile is in the shop for a fabbed up AC cover and to fix the short in the seat controls that of course happened while on M's setting, making it impossible for me to drive without a pillow propping me up.

And now, off to make up the wonderful new bed…


At 5:50 PM, June 25, 2007, Blogger Sara said...

Happy Anniversary!


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