Monday, July 02, 2007

Good News I Forgot to Mention

So a couple of great things happened at work last week--I hired a new employee, who started on Monday, and the company gave us this Thursday and Friday off! I know, I know, I already planned to take those days off anyway. But, that saves me two vacation days, and even better, it will be much easier to catch up when I return. Part of the bitch of taking vacation is wading through the hundreds of emails on the first day (or two) back in the office. Though one of my goals is to actually be completely caught up starting on Monday, we'll see how that goes. And now that I have a new employee, I can just do my own job, and not mine *and* someone else's, so hopefully I will never be this behind again. I hope. We'll see.

And in even more good news, my stepsister had her baby! Another boy, named Toby.


This day off was a good one, though I did work much of it. Went to the gym, cleaned a little more, finished watching "The Last King of Scotland"--in broad daylight!--and now I think I'll put the laptop aside and do something creative. Or maybe sit on the deck with a book and a glass of wine. Or, continuing my bachelorette theme, Why Choose?

The other nice thing about being off during the week? My neighbors were gone all day! It was so wonderfully quiet.

M texted me that he and family have arrived in Iowa after some delays. Hope to get a phone call from him soon with more details.


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