Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hello, New York. Almost.

I'm on the plane flying east, regretting that I didn't charge the laptop battery up to 100%. I've seen the in-flight movie already (Up--it's a good one) and I consciously didn't bring any reading material, the better to focus on my NaNoWriMo project, which has fallen seriously behind. I did get in a few words this week, but I figured that more sleep was the better part of valor given that I'd be putting in long hours surrounded by thousands of germ-bearing people for most of next week. And am I using this "up" time to work on my novel? No. Of course I'm blogging instead. Project commitment, where art thou?

I'm excited about my trip, even the work parts. Tomorrow night I'll enjoy a lovely dinner with many of the Manhattan Madhu clan, including Aunt Janice and Uncle Madhu who are in Manhattan until Monday morning. I'm hoping to get to the new Poets House for a reading on Wednesday night. Thursday night I'm dining with friend Cathleen and Friday I'll pop over to see my old pals at Martha Stewart Living in their new office digs. I've applied for tickets to see a taping of the MS TV show that day too, but who knows if I'll get in at this late date. I did pack an outfit according to their suggestions in case I do get a seat. I'd like to go to the MOMA and the Cooper Hewitt or maybe the Frick. I'm grateful to have the use of Kam and Jim's apartment so I can stay a couple of extra days and work in some fun since I won't be back in February for our publishing conference (unfortunately!).

In other news, with the finishing of our laundry "closet," I think our handyman's jobs for home improvements are officially done. We've started hanging the art, but are taking our time. I still have some new furniture to purchase (who knew that finding the right bookshelves and TV cabinet could be so difficult?) as well as actually finish re-organizing the craft room, but we're still loving the improvements and still happy with all of our choices. As we anticipated, however, now that the weather has gotten a bit chilly, the bamboo floor is pretty darn cold.

M had joined a local gym and went every day this week. He bought a few sessions with a trainer too to get him off to a good start, and we're both looking forward to his improved health.

I've started a new coffee routine. Or should I say, ritual. I'm now using a stainless steel French press and though I really like the end result, it's a longer and more elaborate process.

We were supposed to have a little work field trip earlier this week to an olive oil company to see how olio nuovo is pressed and have a tasting, but we had to evacuate our offices early that day due to a gas leak, so we'll be rescheduling. I've never had olio nuovo before, so I'm very excited to try it.

OK, battery is running low. More, probably in the form of pix, after I land.


At 2:06 PM, November 14, 2009, Blogger elm said...

Ah, Suz, I went to the MoMA and saw the Bauhous exhibit. It is a good one. Just the right size too, not too big. That is the only thing I really saw. I walked through the photog exhibit, and marveled at the fantastic collection they have. Didn'tcinsc really look. The Met has a good photography show however, Robert Frank. I intended to go to the Cooper Hewitt, our little museum, but, my body was screaming no. So I stopped off at the Nue (about 60's and 5th. It has lots of Klimt, but specializes in Austrian, German painters. They can be a bit too ugly for me. However, the Klimt and Klee was good.

See you tomorrow! Pardon my spelling.

At 11:19 AM, November 15, 2009, Blogger bren said...

Oh my, I am feeling jealous of the NYC talk. I love being in NYC!chesto

At 7:27 PM, November 16, 2009, Blogger Rebecca Patrascu said...

Safe travels! Enjoy the city, and good luck writing in between all the fun and work!


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