Wednesday, October 07, 2009

A Weekend of Babies

Ry & My
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How often do you see a post title like that from me, eh? I think it's a first.

M is sitting across from me in our now lovely if still teeny living room, "noodling around" on the guitar, picking out pleasant notes. Ah, it's quite the domestic scene. A good ambience for blogging. Since we still haven't found the old clicker and can't figure out how to get a new clicker to get the TV and DVD player communicating and therefore are left with just the laptop to watch movies on which is very unsatisfying and therefore may not watch anything at all tonight though we both really just want to zone out and means most likely that a new large flat screen TV is in the offing after all--hell, I might as well blog. Whew.

M, Rex, and I headed out Saturday morning to Chico for a tete a tete with the new charmer in our family, Myla. We had a fairly leisurely drive into the interior, as usual admiring the oaks and golden fields and rows of bow-stalked drying sunflowers on our way to the interior. We're both greatly enjoying our "new" home, which is done but for the details of hanging art, placing bric-a-brac, and the like, but was nice to get away from it for a bit.

Myla is indeed adorable to behold, peeking out at us from her Mobywrap swaddling between naps and nursing. The weather was fine, so after a bit of visiting, M and I took Ryan for a wander around downtown Chico. The National Yo-Yo Championships were being held (who knew there even was such a thing?) so we watched that for a bit, though their moves were a scoche unintelligible to me. Ry played photographer and snapped a few pics of M and me at the Stansbury Home, where we married lo these four-plus years ago.
Then we wandered along the main part of downtown, admiring the world's largest yo-yo, considered seeing the Yard Dogs Road Show at the El Rey but thought better of it when we found out the cover charge despite the promise of sword swallowers, shopped at a comic book store with a gaggle of other geeks, and rounded out our tour with a refreshing pause at the local root beer establishment (hello, 1995 called and wants their website design back!). We lugged a jug of the caramel colored bubbly back in time for a delish dinner, then crashed at the local Motel 6 with a number of yo-yo aficionados.

After breakfast and check-out the next morning, we reconvened at Mark and Glori's, where the Axtells of Redding joined us at lunchtime for even more family quality time and delish comestibles, with a little football thrown in. Ah, how I miss watching the tossing of the pigskin. On the way out of town, we stopped at Felicia's for a tour of her new digs for the year. Made me miss those relatively carefree college daze…And to pile on the babies in their Mobywraps: As we were driving home, M turned to me out of the blue and asked if my coworker had had her a baby. I bah-ed him off, saying she wasn't due for at least a week yet. Why would he even think of such a thing? And so of course when I got to work the next day, the first news I heard was that she was indeed delivered of a son on Sunday (sonday, hah). She left all in very good order, but it does mean a little more on the plates of those baby-free among us.

Fall is here, and I welcome it. I think it's my very favorite season, at least as it begins. It feels like the pause, the gathering, before something really beautiful blossoms, and I like that sense of pulling in before pushing out. It's as though anything could happen. What will it be?


At 7:58 AM, October 09, 2009, Blogger bren said...

Thank goodness for the lost clicker! I love your photos and post.


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