Sunday, October 28, 2012

Photos from NY and Home Again

 With Gretchen at the MOMA party.

 Data After Dark Party

Pix (with Bryan and with Monique) from the shindig at the Liberty Theater on 42nd Street. *Somebody* had to get the party started!

Wandering around Washington Square on my last evening in New York before dinner with Cathleen at Il Corso. That's Freedom Tower going up in the background. 
Thank goodness I escaped before Hurricane Sandy hit!


M came to pick me up at the airport on Friday afternoon. It's been a lovely weekend of nesting. We made yogurt, bread, vegetarian chili (which is still baking in the oven), hummingbird nectar, grilled romaine for salads. He was suitably surprised at the Cuban cigars I smuggled home from Canada. We cleaned up the front yard and house a bit, did mountains of laundry, scrubbed the dogs and walked them in the park. Took a ride out to the Sonoma Coast to bask in the glory of late fall. We watched the first two awful episodes of Star Wars. Ran into Sean and Caitlin shopping at Goodwill. 

I'm so very glad to be home.


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