Sunday, October 10, 2004

"I Do" Hunting

Arroyo Room
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M.and I spent the weekend with one of my brothers and his family, researching spots for a-marryin'. We're doing it in Chico--we met there, he was born there, his family has fond memories of Chico. (The wedding "cake"--three tiers of Mom's superb cheesecake engineered into traditional form--is also his call. I don't ever want to hear him say he's just a groom with no involvement other than just showing up!)

Chico is a lovely little town. Only big drawback will be the heat. And the fact that the place we like best for the acutal ceremony, the Stansbury Home, only holds 50 people. I'm tempted to leave it to fate--half of the people on my list surely will find something better to do, right? I'm trying to fight superstition while embracing fate: after touring the Stansbury Home, I purchased a commemorative plate to help support the place, and put it in a bag in our trunk for the ride home. M. didn't realize that there was something fragile in the bag, and wasn't careful unpacking the trunk, and the plate broke. I'm hoping that's not a sign...

We're thinking of the Arroyo Room for the reception. At first I just wanted to get it all catered so guests could relax rather than cooking and cleaning. But I think of how much fun I could have getting the room ready and do the food myself--well, with lots of help, of course.

It's funny how our plans changed after actually visiting some of the sites we were considering. The Bidwell Mansion isn't suitable at all, too close to traffic. My brother was very persuasive as to the day's timing--we were thinking about a noon wedding followed by a catered lunch, and now we're leaning towards an evening wedding followed by a do-it-yourself dinner.

The other aspect Chico satisfies is my odd desire to have a procession. I want to walk with my guests from the wedding to the reception. When we were thinking about having the wedding during the day, I wanted us all to parade in public with white paper parasols. Don't think that will work now...Why do I see this in my mind's eye and as I envision The Big Day? Am I trying to be a spectacle, draw attention to myself? Well, I guess that's what getting married is all about, to a certain extent.


At 10:56 PM, October 11, 2004, Blogger Rebecca said...

My sister-in-law gave me a beautiful teacup and saucer as an engagement gift, and somehow, the saucer fell or was knocked and split within a matter of days. I remember that superstitious feeling so well, myself. And yet, D. & I are still together and happy 13 years after our wedding. Who knows, maybe there's some old wive's tale somewhere that says you must break a plate to ensure a long and loving marriage. Right on, then!
(of course, I did glue the saucer back together...)


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