Monday, February 14, 2005

No Jokes About Sticker Shock, Please, They've Already Been Made

Another red-letter day for M at the car lot yesterday:

So a gal I know from law school comes onto the lot with a friend, who's looking for a car. We take a test drive, come back to the lot, and I'm explaining to her about how car payments work.

I'm standing, like, a foot away from her. And she gets this look of fear in her eyes. I can see it, and it's starting to freak me out. She's looking beyond me, and I'm getting ready to turn around to see what's scaring her, when all of the sudden she has a seizure. I had to call 911. We were just on the freeway two minutes before...

M's law school friend called that evening to say that her friend is doing OK, though she dislocated her shoulder, and they still don't know what brought the seizure on.


Some good news: M's friend who was serving in Iraq has returned stateside, uninjured. He's supposed to be coming home today. What a relief.


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