Wednesday, August 17, 2005

My Idea of Domestic Drama

Setting: A small bedroom in a small home in a rickety suburb at the edge of town. He is in bed, looking at a laptop computer.

She (offstage): Honey?

He: Yes?

She: When we get rich and move, what do you think about having a chaise lounge in the bathroom?

He: (After a pause) Huh?

She: You know--a bathroom big enough to hold a chaise lounge.

(Another pause.)

He: And...why would we have a chaise lounge in the bathroom?

She: Well, you know--to relax. It'd be a room big enough to hang out in, like any other room in the house.

He: Why would we hang out in the bathroom?

She: Well, because we could. I could be taking a bath, and you could be lounging on the chaise lounge. Reading to me. From your laptop. Like you do every night.

He: And I think I have elaborate fantasies.

Cue laugh track. Cut to Ethan Allen commercial.


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