Sunday, September 18, 2005

Blue Dog Relief

My stepmom and I are both Blue Dog fans. She shared this with me. I don't think I could have this Blue Dog chez moi--it would just make me too sad and angry.

George Rodrigue presents a silkscreen benefiting the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

We Will Rise Again shows the American flag covered with water. The blue dog is partly submerged, and its eyes, normally yellow, are red with a broken heart. Like a ship's S.O.S., the red cross on the dog's chest calls out for help.

Because our goal is ambitious, the print We Will Rise Again is limited by time, rather than by number. For one year, Rodrigue will sign every relief print purchased for $500 or more through his website or gallery. Afterwards, any remaining prints will be available unsigned only. Sales of this print benefit the relief effort--specifically our charity of choice, the Southeast Louisiana Chapter of the American Red Cross. On our website, we will post a continuous record of the funds given. If you are a resident of Lafayette, you can visit our temporary Lafayette gallery location, at 2021 Pinhook Road, Lafayette, LA (337) 233-3274.


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