Friday, September 02, 2005

Labor Day Approacheth

It's a little gloomy around Casa de AxCock. M did not get the job. That, combined with his general despair of the car biz and immediate assignment of a great deal of homework is weighing him down, no surprise. And just to top things off, his laptop died.

On the bright side, he bought a bike this week, and a friend gave me his, so now we have a new activity to embark upon together. I took Rex for a little ride-and-run the other evening--he certainly gets more exercise, since he's just a little dog.


But Lest We Think We've Got It Sad: My stepbrother is one of the lucky ones affected by Hurricane Katrina. He got out of his recently restored (representing several years of labor for him) historic home in New Orleans' 8th Ward in time, and was able to travel to safety with a very few possessions to Pensacola. He had just gotten a new job that was a telecommute, so he has an income too. All things to be very thankful for.


Happy Birthday, Ginny!


At 12:13 AM, September 03, 2005, Blogger Rebecca said...

So sorry to hear about the job. I'm sure it means that something better will come his way, though. I hope the weekend and the biking restores spirts chez vous.


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