Thursday, November 10, 2005

Shh, Shh, Shh, Shh

'Member that sound? From the '70s? The sound of elephant bellbottoms whispering together as you crunched in your cute but cloaked open-toed platforms across the gravel between buildings from biology to French? I've been recalling that rubbing sound today since I'm wearing new jeans with the largest flair I've had on in years thanks to a little retail therapy at Ross with my mom yesterday. The wideness at the bottom is supposed to balance out the thigh wideness according to the fashionistas I watched on Oprah while in Amsterdam. Uh huh.


So, yes, the new normal is being acquired here at chez Axcock. I'm going to do my level best to blog about life other than That Week From Hell. However. While I'm trying to be gracious in my celebrity at work ("How *are* you?" over and over again), I'm still dreading the slog through my auto insurance paperwork, the new car search and purchase and getting-used-to-it-ness, the meeting next week with M's surgeon, the unwelcome and unanticipated notices that surely will find their way into my mailbox.

Bye Bye BuiHog
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M drove me to work today, and I had a horrible feeling as we merged onto the highway. A kind colleague gave me a lift home, and I had another gut-wrench as we passed the site of my collision a whole week ago. Cars were once again at a full stop on the highway exit, struggling to merge on and off safely. That's going to be hard to approach again as a driver.


I Am a Marketing Victim. I confess.

1) While in Trader Joes with Mom, I was slayed by the the utter adorableness of the "Sofia" carbonated white wine in cans by Francis Coppola. O my god! Four petite red cans housed in a shiny octagonal box perforated with bubbly openings! Each can with its own straw! Perfect for the beach! apparently. Each delivers a nice little slice of euphoria.

2) While in Sur la Table (with Mom! Again!), I twitched and blinked, but the silicone muffin cups in brights found its way into my shopping bag without much effort. FYI, if you're thinking of jettisoning your muffin tin, as I am, and purchasing a set for yourself, be aware that they do not release jello with the ease that the packaging promises for cupcakes.


Oh, Camera, Where Were Thou? Walking Rex yesterday late in the afternoon, I was unable to visually record our journey, much to my regret. Though if I had had my camera, perhaps we wouldn't have had the same journey. We walked into the former field behind our little development, now sprouting walls for new homes. As we made our way along a formerly rural street, I noticed at the last remaining stable that the two horses and mule were staring meaningfully at the hillside, where two humans walked a pack of eight dogs. Not realizing how many there were, and that they were off collar as well as off leash, I encouraged Rex to greet them--until they surrounded him with so much dogflesh that we both became a bit nervous. But we went on our merry way unharmed. Rex sniffed his way up the hillsides, declining to chase after Buck, who posed still as he could then trotted away alert into the trees. I watched two hawks hunting, floating lighter than air among the luminous, ragged, red-edged clouds, sweeping away then returning, hovering, hovering so patiently then falling, lost to sight against the background of eucalyptus. Walking along the top of the hill, I noticed splayed deer hooves deeply etched into the mud of a rough trail, alternating with a much different track--carnivorous paws, longer of toe than a dog, with claws. Coyote? Mountain lion? I called Rex over to sniff them, which he did thoroughly, but declined to specify. Finally, crossing the fall-nascent creek at the place that will soon be a four-lane super street and walking up the last hill, Rex leapt off under the oak trees a la Pepe Le Pew. Two beats later, handsome Jack rushed across my path, followed by a lagging Rex.


In the gym last Thursday morning we were talking about our first jobs. Ah memories. What were yours? I'll start: High school: counter girl at the local bowling alley. Chambermaid at a fancy B&B. College: Stained-glass shop intern (still one of my favorite jobs ever). Life model. Gas station/car wash attendant. Snack and playdoh prepper at a pre-school. Box office attendant.


At 10:02 PM, November 10, 2005, Blogger Rebecca said...

Shelving books at the Marin County Library, followed by several other jobs at the same place - for 13.5 years! Yikes.

Good luck with the car and the unexpected notices and the surgeons and all!

At 9:11 PM, November 13, 2005, Anonymous Julia said...

Hmmm...retail sales at my mom's gift store, camp counselor, after school daycare aide, ren faire actor, teaching assistant, research assistant. Then I finally gave up on grad school and after a bit more random teaching and admin flunky work, got my first "adult" job at a calendar company. I spent 5 years there before bailing out to my current job (where I just celebrated 3 years). Not a wildly varied work history, I'll grant you.

At 12:03 PM, November 14, 2005, Blogger Nancy said...

You can tell I had a suburban American childhood: I worked at K-Mart, Del Taco (WAAAAAY better than Taco Bell), and Wendy's before college. Then on summers off, I temped in offices. I worked as an English teacher and tutor from college on. For awhile I was a receptionist/proofreader/tutor for a company that provided translationa and language instruction. That was a nice job.


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