Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

My stepsister took this pic of her daughter with my dad. So cute!

So, as you've deduced from this post's title, it's Halloween. Quite a few people donned costumes at the office today, and now I wish I had done the same. Tonight I'm planning on being a Grinch and pretend I'm not home. Just can't take the strain of opening the door to strangers, though we don't get many trick or treaters anyway.

My biggest fright today? M was laid off. No, that's a *good* thing. I think. If we can scrape by on unemployment for a while--if he's eligible--that will give him time to look for a few part time jobs, which he was planning to do anyway, and study for his midterms, which have really been stressing him out enormously. I'm trying to remain upbeat, but financial transitions are not my strong suit.


One other thing I wanted to make a note of about my European tour: the church bells. I loved hearing them. Especially my last night in that tarry room in Amsterdam when I had to leave the window open and the sound counted down my last hours in that city. There just aren't enough bells in the world.


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