Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Campaign for "Foxy"

It's time to bring back the word "foxy." As in, "Jake Gyllenhaal is sooo foxy." Let's face it, beards are back. "Foxy" goes with the longer hair the teens are wearing these days. The new desk gal at the gym, all of 16, wears a nearly Farrah 'do and this morning sported blue eye shadow that I would have envied back in 1973 when I wasn't in my green eye shadow phase. It's obviously time to celebrate the fashion cycle properly. So who's with me? Start saying "foxy" today--with gusto!


How to dance properly.


The Wilbur trip photo I should have posted:

with Grandma and Felicia
Originally uploaded by suzipaw.


M is taking final number two tonight. One more on Thursday and he'll be done with his second and toughest year. Barring any mishaps, of course. He did get a six-week gig teaching a couple of paralegal courses. That's a good thing.


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