Thursday, March 30, 2006

Writers Night Out

PWG with Anne Lamott
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The writers group gals, Rebecca and
Julia and I went to our local cultural center last night to see a reading ("see a reading"--did I just write that? Well, it's accurate, I guess) by Anne Lamott, who was teaming up with Mary Chapin Carpenter for an evening of spoken word and song. I'm not a big fan of MCC, but I can appreciate her talent. And Anne was positively inspiring. She's so funny, and is a great role model for progressives of deep faith, which I hope to be one day. (As a step towards that goal, Julia suggested that I get a license plate frame that reads "Touched by His Noodly Appendage"--that and the FSM decal would go a long way towards being able to live my other life slogan: "Converting Pastafarians, one parking lot at a time.") We were giggly groupies after the show and had our photo taken with Anne!


Today Rob sez: "Please find projects that are truly worthy of your creativity, which is overflowing right now." And it is, kinda. I can't stop thinking about sewing projects, and I'm even (gasp) thinking about new things for work. What could be next--new writing projects?? Very little might come of any of my creative impulses, but it really is energizing having so many ideas whirling about in my little brain.


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