Wednesday, November 15, 2006


As in coming up for air? That's what I thought at first about this blog--that it would be a breath, a sigh of how much I missed you, how I felt a happy space of anticipation around this post. But now it feels like a shaping and smoothing of the sharp angles of my life to fit in, or to blunt the hard reality of my new schedule. I'm just trying to elicit sympathy, I know. I'll stop now.


So the swanky conference last week was considered a success, but I think, back at the office, we're all just relieved that it's over. Everyone in attendance seemed very…tense. Like there was a lot at stake, and I guess there was. Sorta. I had people pleading with me, disappointed in me, disbelieving that I would turn them away, trying to charm or entertain me for a pass, some even screaming at me in anger. And I just dealt with a small subset of participants. I came to seriously doubt my powers of communication, and though I don't believe much in god, I was seriously thinking that Mercury was in deep retrograde. The event had that tech boom, late 1998ish feel to it--people with money hanging out in an expensive hotel eating sculpted food designed to mask the reality of a rubber chicken dinner, sniffing scented oxygen at late night parties, and trying to double dip their pound cake in the five-tier chocolate fountain while propping their feet up on chic white leather ottomans and watching the digerati hold forth for three days. Am I making any sense at all? I don't think so.

I do think I'll be more sensical after three days at my mom's over Thanksgiving. Propping my feet up on a regular ottoman in front of a fire stuffed from esophagus to duodenum with homemade trimmings will hopefully chase all of these dotcom nightmares away.


What else? I posted a few new pictures. I miraculously found my camera battery charger in the hall closet where I had put it for safe keeping during the carpet cleaning lo these many months ago but couldn't find it there the first five times I searched for it in that very closet. M is still greatly enjoying his teaching duties. We actually went out to a movie theater to watch Borat last weekend and laugh heartily yet guiltily.


And now it's getting late and I'm not feeling any more clearheaded or creative. It's been an evening of laundry, work email, blogging, and I should drag my scattered ass to bed. More posts sooner rather than later, I hope. I missed you, though, please remember that.


At 10:17 AM, November 18, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am glad and relieved that you have surfaced. I have missed you a lot! A.J.


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