Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Auspicious Dates, &c.

Good news first, or bad? OK, the bad news is that habeas corpus has been suspended--we now live in an America where one man in power can hold someone else, presumably with less power, in detention indefinitely. Without judicial review. Without evidence. To be released only when that man in power gives his consent.Are we worried that M's suit against the president could, maybe, be deemed supportive of the terrorists, and he could be hauled off to those mysterious camps out in the desert? Um, sometimes. Am I a little worried that this blog post could be construed as sedition? Well, not now. But under other circumstances…Well, I now have more sympathy with citizens of dictatorships.


OK, deep breath. In other, happier, news, Rebecca, Julia, and I celebrated our third year of writers groupliness last night.We sang "Happy Anniversary to Us" and ate chocolate and talked writing. Those gals are so good to me. I haven't done anything more creative than blogging for months, and they still let me come and be a point in the triangle. I am truly blessed.


And a very happy slightly belated birthday to Glo!


At 12:22 AM, October 20, 2006, Anonymous Michael said...

Who knew?


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