Monday, September 01, 2008

Definitely, a Laboring Day

Looking up the coast
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The quick visit to Manchester was very pleasant. Lovely weather, good food, the dogs got along OK, though I think Rex was a little bummed to have to share the human attention, and they did get into an altercation when Maggie jumped right on top of Rex when he was sleeping--one of his pet peeves. We admired some of Mom's new, large pottery pieces, discharged a few rounds with a firearm (how often does one get to shoot a pistol with live ammo from the front porch after all?), and on our way home, stopped for a walk along the bluffs near the lighthouse. The walk was wonderful for the most part--very windy but good visibility, and I haven't been to that part of coast much so nice change of scenery. Lots of people also out and about, a big family group of abalone divers. But the ground was covered with small stinging stickers that made it a miserable trek for the poor little dog--M had to carry him for part of the time.


So today I'm not working too hard, but I am trying to get a few office things off my plate. Nothing better to do--it's hot and windy, I've been to the gym and grocery shopping this morning, yay (in that order--hope I didn't gross too many people out in the produce section still wearing my gym togs), and M's off to Bonneville to see his friend race. He awoke at 3:00 a.m. this morning and couldn't get back to sleep, so just took off and should be there very soon. His IMs from the road:

7:05:35 a.m.
Reno. Im good*. Luv u

9:08:25 a.m.
Winnimuca NV. Luv u

9:21:38 a.m.
Fav diner name so far. Fork in the road. With neon fork stabbing piece of ham.

11:55:11 a.m.
Elko NV. Luv u

*I'm a little worried about his trip since he has a slow leak in one of his tires and a huge crack in his windshield, not good things to have on a day when most shops will be closed and you're taking a trip through the desert in summer, but he has a phone, toolbox, AAA card, and friends who know most things motorized waiting for him in Wendover.

He took both the digital camera and the Flip video camera, so I'm hoping for some fun documentation when he returns. He won't have a bike to run this time, but he hopes to do some grilling and he's going to be a track judge one day. I mostly hope his friend has some successful runs this year--he had mechanical problems last year, and it was basically a long hot salty trip for naught.

If all goes well with the racing, M might go straight back to the coast to meet another friend for a hunting trip next weekend, so I might be bach'ing it for a whole week. The Netflix queue is frontloaded with chick flicks and the fridge is full of veggies, including fine specimens from Mom's and Jay's gardens. I'm thinking of creatively frying up some yellow squash tonight over pasta, maybe with a touch of crème fraiche…thank god I have to walk the dog tonight. Now if I can just stay away from Ross this week--I have a tendency to want to shop when a NY trip is nigh.


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