Thursday, July 09, 2009

One Thing More

I forgot to mention one of my accomplishments over the Fourth of July weekend: reading a beautifully bound copy of memories my Uncle Madhu had put down of his youth in India before coming to the U.S. I so enjoyed it. It was such a personal, charming, and detailed window into another time and place. It definitely sheds more light on his affinity for Shakespeare. I'll have to re-read it on my next visit.

Well, OK, and another thing I've been meaning to update you about, in case you didn't know: M has been diagnosed by his doctor (whose physical description sounds like he resembles Mario Batali, only larger and somewhat West County) as having not just sleep apnea, but severe sleep apnea. His otolaryngologist added "profound" to that diagnosis. He's had his second sleep study, and it's looking like the smaller mask that fits over just his nose will be the best choice. Thank goodness.

Dishwasher installation and countertop prep starts tomorrow. Painting the kitchen over the weekend. Countertops installed on Monday. Eeee! "Patience and rock 'n' roll" was the prescription a friend at the gym prescribed for me. Please just let the Bosch range survive unscratched.

OK, this is it, really: M started guitar lessons again tonight, yay! I love it when he plays guitar. AND, and…he has an interview on Tuesday with the Mendocino County DA's office. I know this won't lead to anything, I know, the competition is so stiff, but it's exciting nonetheless.


At 11:59 AM, July 21, 2009, Blogger elm said...

Thanks for the mention of Madhu's memoir, and my binding. I had something more complex in mind for the binding, but the book was finished to be bound the day before important company arrived and we all traveled elsewhere.

I almost missed this entry!! Kamala pointed it out to me. (away from home, etc.)


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