Saturday, August 08, 2009

Readying for the Next Round

County Fair Photobooth
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Happiness is…taking Friday, Monday, and Tuesday off. Yesterday was lovely. I was a slacker, I'll admit, but did some constructive puttering and made lunch for M, who came home for it, it was quite the domestic scene.

The week's highlight (since Myla has not yet arrived) was going to the County Fair on Thursday afternoon with M. It was our traditional visit. We lost money at the track. He ate his corndog, I had too much overpriced beer. We wandered through the Hall of Flowers (a dinosaur theme, surprised we didn't get any Creationist protesters…) and along the stalls of the livestock barns. The Budweiser Clydesdales were back and glorious and sleepy as ever. We rode on the Ferris wheel. New this year were the sheep dog trials, which usually don't happen til the Harvest Festival in the fall. The ewes were remarkably feisty. Felicia, Debbie, Dylan, and Gavin joined us in the evening to take in the Village People, which for some reason M didn't care to stay for. That was fun. They thanked the audience numerous times, which I thought was very nice. (I just sent The Cop and thank-you note for coming. The intertrons make it so easy!) We raced down the giant slide together, which was even more fun, and a little more exciting than I thought. (Sorry for all the screaming in the video.)

The PODS storage box was delivered yesterday, so no more excuses for putting off the packing up. It was quite the slick way they delivered it--a flatbed truck held the box, which was in a sort of motorized framework on wheels. The driver (a fine young specimen with interesting piercings) dropped the wheels, drove the truck out from underneath, then used the frame to maneuver the box into place in the driveway. He unchained the box, motored the frame up over the box and the back onto the street where he backed the truck into the frame, took up the wheels, and drove away. Took maybe ten minutes.

M is off fishing this morning and I'm writing with Rebecca at our favorite coffee shop to the strains of Edith Piaf, but we'll start in on the home-emptying this afternoon. I've been dreading it. Every object I cast my eye upon in the house lately has turned into a weight, literally and figuratively, something to be judged worthy of being schlepped around and then occupying space in our refurbished home.

I still need to choose a paint color for the bedroom. I'm thinking of one of the slightly peachy or pinky colors we rejected for the living room. Should I paint the inside of the closets throughout the house a pretty color? More work, I know.

In M news, he did qualify to be kept on the Mendocino DA's office list of candidates, but didn't place high enough for an interview for the current job opening, unfortunately. Oh well.

OK, time for some fiction.


At 3:48 PM, August 08, 2009, Blogger Sara said...

Nick and Laura would like to know who won on the slide?

At 4:01 PM, August 08, 2009, Blogger suzanne said...

Gavin won the day.

At 6:35 AM, August 09, 2009, Blogger bren said...

Congratulations on your blogging years. It is truly, truly a wonderful thing.

At 5:16 PM, August 25, 2009, Blogger Nancy said...

That slide looked really fun.


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