Sunday, August 02, 2009

Sunday Report

Flooring on the floor
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A most uneventful week. Even for me, craver of peace and quiet, it was a little boring.

The most exciting news, a milestone in the home improvement process yesterday. Thanks to a tip from Maureen earlier in the week, we pulled the trigger on the bamboo flooring purchase yesterday. That oozing sound you heard at about 2:30 was my savings account draining away. But, it was a very worthy expenditure. The color is a little darker than I wanted, but the price is so very right. We cleaned out our local Costco, buying the one and only pallet of flooring they had. (I admit to enjoying the little ribbing exchange between the young men loading up our truck, how one was being shown how to "be a man" while they figured out how to make the boxes all fit. I'm not privy to that kind of banter very often.) We made a smaller run to our other local store today to pick up the rest. It was odd being in another Costco, almost an alternate universe--so much the same, and also so different.

Yes, it amazes me, these big box stores and their stock variety. At my last trip to Target, I bought a curling iron, lampshade, hummingbird feeder, wine, and a paper shredder. At Costco, not only did we pick up the flooring, but also yogurt and tickets to the King Tut exhibit at the de Young this fall. The power of mass retail and what they'll stock to get us consumers in the door. They have a display of coffins for sale at the "other" Costco store. A subtle nudge to gather ye consumer rosebuds while ye may? Or that Costco is there for that full circle of consumer life? Or that all the buying and stuff in the world really doesn't matter after all?

The dishwasher continues to leak, but uncannily like computers that suddenly have no more problems when the IT guy is on the way, is quite water tight when our handyman is around. Not sure what to make of that. He thinks it might be the machine itself, not any of the connectors. That would not be good.

Next on the home improvement task list: have the POD delivered and start to fill it up with our household crap in preparation for painting. Soon Chez Axcock will be in chaos, which makes me vaguely uncomfortable. So I'm practicing focusing on one step at a time. I reallyreally want the house done by the end of the month.

In other unrelated news, I actually do have an upcoming blogging goal. September 24 will mark five years of keeping Flying Triangle afloat and I'm just five posts away from the 500 mark. How nicely round those numbers are!

Time to pack the gym bag for tomorrow.


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