Monday, January 11, 2010

No Title, Clever or Otherwise, Coming to Mind

Happy New Year. It doesn't seem so new anymore, does it? Or maybe like a birthday, it doesn't necessarily feel different, or older.

So just a short post to say I'm still here and to lament that I've missed blogging and thought about it a lot, but…there's a great black sucking noise where my creativity normally resides. Maybe it would be a bit more lively if I actually ever tried pick up some of my usual crafty activities, but somehow I find myself watching TV (on the laptop no less, that's how easily I become distracted) or sitting around reading the next Richard Sharpe book. Escapism has been my watchword for 2010, a legacy from the end of 2009.

Have I mentioned that we haven't seen blue skies in these here parts for several weeks? Maybe I have Seasonal Affective Disorder.

And I'm grumpy today, still recovering from a bout of food poisoning contracted on Saturday night--the night I took M out to a swanky restaurant for his birthday. It was a lovely day other than that: we met brother Jay for a double birthday breakfast, took in Avatar in 3D, lounged in the afternoon, and then the fateful dinner. I had a miserable night and was completely wiped out yesterday, which M secretly enjoyed, methinks--an excuse to hang around in bed all day bringing me water and putting my socks on for me and watching the lap-tube rather than do the yard work we had planned. I stayed home from work today, but still did a lot of work anyway--that's not helping with my grumpiness, that's for sure.

Maybe I'm also still having "re-entry" hangover--it was such a lovely two weeks away from the office. Dad and Ginny came for a visit just before New Year's, spurring a bit of household organization--we finally found some serviceable new bookcases and I hung some pictures. It was so nice to see them and catch up, however briefly. It was nice to see so many family members, and have a few days of doing nothing, and also have time to do chores. I miss that.

So, I admit it's hard being back at it. But, I did sign up for a short knitting skills class this weekend and next, hopefully that will fan the crafty flame a bit. Blogging more might help too.


At 8:52 AM, January 13, 2010, Blogger bren said...

Happy Birthday, guys.
Sorry about your food poisoning.

At 10:08 PM, January 15, 2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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