Saturday, September 25, 2010

Gearing Up for New York

Start of the shrug
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Actually, I should be boiling ramen noodles for the trailer trash salad I'm to bring to Sean and Caitlin's engagement party, but…just a quick post before I go into the kitchen for that.

My birthday was lovely. Thanks to everyone for all the wishes, via Facebook, email, classic mail, phone, and in person! Technology has definitely improved my birthday. M started the day by presenting me with a new sapphire ring (it's in the shop being sized, but I'll post a photo when I have it back) and ended it by taking me out to a new restaurant for dinner (which was a good experience--it hasn't always been) and then to an improv show at our local theater. It was so good doing something new! But it's also very clear--improv is way hard.

I've been working on this new knitting project, a shrug, for quite some time now. The 2x2 ribbing is a little tedious and does get to my wrists quickly, so it's been a bit of slow going. I mostly take it up in front of the TV, so I've gotten a little distracted and it's dark in the TV room, so I've made a few mistakes. And on a simple project, that just seems stupid. But! The good thing is that, where in the past I would have just lived with ribbing that was off in some parts because I was too scared I'd screw it up even worse trying to fix it, I'm actually making myself correct the stitches. I want it to be beautiful and something I'm proud to wear, so that's been a good lesson in patience in confidence.

OK, off to more coffee and shredding veggies. I'm flying to New York for a show veerrrryyy early tomorrow morning and after the show ends, upstate to visit family--I'm so excited!!


At 8:17 AM, September 27, 2010, Blogger bren said...

How was your flight to NY? I enjoyed visiting with you so much at Sean's party.


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