Thursday, April 07, 2011

Relief of Suspense!

The last few months have been one of the busiest times of my professional life that I can recall. I just got back from a show last week, and I have two more in the next two weeks. I’m doing annual performance evaluations with my team this week. We just found out that two fall conferences we thought were off the schedule are going to happen after all and so of course we’re already late on preparing for them. And to top it all off, I’m still sick and of course but M’s having surgery on Monday, which doesn’t really impact my workload, just the whole stressful situation. Oh, and I broke a contact lens, so I’ve been wearing my glasses for the last few days and my perspective just feels…off. Particularly with a stuffy head.

But a much bigger change was revealed this week—my company is undergoing a reorg! In a good way, at least it seems so now. We’re positioning for growth, so many departments are realigning, including mine. At this point, I still have most of my team intact. As of today I have a new boss, someone I’ve worked with since I started 11 years ago, just never *for* him. I’ll be moving to another part of our office—this weekend, gulp, but because of my upcoming travel I won’t be in my new space for a couple of weeks. I won’t have an office anymore, just a desk in a big room full of other desks (not cubicles—thank FSM for that!), which I’m not happy about. But other than that, I’m pretty excited about the change. The way the company is being reorganized means that I could be doing some fun new things. One especially nice detail is that I’ll be working more closely with some people I used to when I first started and have missed.

Still--the uncertainty of how it’s all going to shake out (there’s another organizational phase coming and I may get another boss in a few months. Or, let’s face it, I may meet another employment fate) and trying to not let anything essential slip off my list of things I have to do to prepare for the two looming conferences is keeping me from really processing (is that the right shrink-y term?) this change very well. I’ve been packing up my stuff, too—going through decade-old files that have brought back some interesting memories that I don’t really have time to dwell on. Maybe that’s a good thing. I’m going to throw most of it away. If it’s not of any use to me, I don’t think the 48 inches of paper will benefit anyone else.

M was so good to me tonight—it was a very long day for me today after a series of long days and I came home to a lovely three course spaghetti feast. That soothed my fevered brow substantially.

On another bright and stress-reducing side, I do have a nice if brief visit with family in Washington and Oregon to look forward to in a couple of weeks. Just need to get through this little two week tunnel of time, and then I can breathe.

OK, time for bed. I suspect I have another long and eventful day ahead of me tomorrow.


At 7:11 AM, April 08, 2011, Anonymous Janice said...

Good luck Suz...of course you make your own good luck. We are definitely proud of you.

At 7:28 AM, April 08, 2011, Blogger bren said...

I do hope that you're feeling better today. The changes seem very exciting!

At 10:19 AM, April 08, 2011, Blogger Julia Dvorin said...

Wow! Big changes! Looking forward to hearing more about them when I see you next. :)

At 5:09 AM, April 11, 2011, Blogger K2 said...

We hope the surgery went today, and went well. Good luck with the re-organization.


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