Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Weekend So Far

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While I worked most of yesterday, which was supposed to be a day off, it was still pleasant since I wasn't actually in the office. After weeks of rainy, gray, chilly weather, it turned absolutely gorgeous. I did meet M downtown for lunch at a Japanese restaurant and took les mutts for a long walk. The grass is juicy and the daisies and mustard are starting to bloom. Unfortunately, the new owners of the unfinished development are starting to work on the site again, so there goes a great place to walk the dogs in the winter.

Today was equally lovely weather wise and M and I took care of a dream chore I've been talking about for a while now: planting a peach tree. I know they're finicky what with the leaf curl, but dang it I love them. There were so many to choose from at the Urban Tree Farm!

We couldn't decide between a Rio Oso and a Suncrest, so I flipped a penny and it came up heads--so we got both. We also picked up a couple of violet trumpet vines to plant against the chain link fence. I hope that will help make the backyard seem less incarceration-y.

After the planting exertion, we had a very late lunch at Willie Bird, a dive-y Sonoma County institution that has been featured on cooking shows to watch the Ravens-Steelers playoff game and take in the local bar scene. Quite entertaining. I walked the dogs when we got home and now we're enjoying a quiet evening. I'm trying to make the most of this break in the gloom, and a few extra days break from work. It's going to be hard campaign from now til June. What will my adventure be tomorrow?


Here's a photo of two of my Not-So-Secret Santa gifts--I must have been a very good girl last year because I really scored. Thanks, Glo!


At 6:10 AM, January 16, 2011, Blogger K2 said...

The picture of Murray in the peach trees is really nice. I'm feeling jealous of your weather early this year--usually it's not until March.

At 11:47 AM, January 17, 2011, Blogger Mark said...

I agree, nice photo. Your welcome. A combo b-day/ x-mas gift. We've been running a little late on both. I'm glad you like the gifts. I thought you might like a knitted item from someone other than yourself, although your knitting is simply fabulous. I hope the earings weren't too metal for ya. I had fun putting them together at the bead shop. Also, the i-tunes gift card is to celebrate your new i-phone. Have fun picking out some new apps. Enjoy. Love you. glo

At 6:25 PM, January 22, 2011, Blogger Nancy said...

Good luck with your peach trees!


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