Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Still Sick

And now M has it too. He’s hoping (as am I) that it doesn’t interfere with the surgery scheduled for Monday. He has a pre-surgery meeting with his doc later this week. But, better to be safe than sorry. He stayed home from work today to try to kick it.


Sunday Adventure: M and I took off in the morning on the motorcycle to enjoy the beautiful weather and countryside. We rode out to the Timber Cove Inn for lunch, but as we were making to leave, the bike kept dying. Luckily Mom had nothing better to do and her neighbor had no plans for her truck, so she rescued us, driving us all the way back to Santa Rosa. It ended up being a nice unexpected visit. Mom stayed the night, M grilled, and we had a lovely time.


M and I got into an interesting discussion last night: If you had to lose and eye, a hand, or a foot, which would you choose? M was firmly in the eye camp. I couldn’t decide. They all sound pretty dreadful to me.


Dog update: Although all had been quiet on the canine front for months, Rex and Roxy got into it last night. I think they were both excited and hungry and eager for their walk. We thought Rex had gotten used to her constant badgering for attention, but apparently not—they were just outside the front door after I got home last night, clamoring for a walk, and suddenly I heard the dog sounds change to conflict. Luckily there was a towel near the front door, so I grabbed it and ran outside to flail it on Roxy. She stopped and let Rex up almost immediately. He ran off; later he seemed to be cowed, but not bleeding. I scolded Roxy for quite some time. It may not actually be her fault, but she’s so much bigger than he is…not sure if we’ll ever be able to train her that she can’t attack him, no matter how much of a jerk he is to her. One thing I did notice. When I scold Rex, he rolls over and shows his belly to me quickly. Roxy didn’t. She looked chastised, but not really subservient. And there it is, I think—Rex won’t back down, and neither will she. At least, not at this point. Maybe we’re not establishing ourselves as the pack leaders adequately. We took them on separate walks last night, and things seem to be OK today. I think it was a good thing M was home. It felt like a big setback in the getting-along department.


And just to leave you in suspense (and to provide me with a compelling reason to blog again this week): It was a very big day at work today. Check back for a full report on Thursday.


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