Saturday, January 08, 2011


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It was date night last night. M called me at work and asked if I would be up for about a two-hour activity after dinner. I said yes. I asked after my attire and he said just comfortable clothes was the only concern. It was very pleasant to not know what was coming but just be along for the ride. We ate swanky pizza first. At the the Double Decker Lanes (which as far as we can tell has only one story), we shot pool while waiting for a lane to open. It was very crowded, and very diverse too. I think the common thread was folks with not a lot of money. We had a grand time. My only disappointment was the bowling shoes. While the new fabric style certainly is more comfortable and retains its clownish appeal, they're so cheap as to be beneath stealing. Which is probably the point.


At 2:54 PM, January 09, 2011, Blogger bren said...

Last year Jay, Felicia, and I went was fun.


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