Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

With the Axtells of Chico by suzipaw
With the Axtells of Chico, a photo by suzipaw on Flickr.

Another turkey day slipped into history last week. M and I went up the coast as usual, but it was a larger celebration this year. Brother Mark brought his clan over from Chico and niece Felicia subjected her new beau to our scrutiny later in the holiday. There was a lot of good eating, good weather, walks on the beach and trash picking on said beaches, potato gun shooting, cards, games, and sleeping. It was the best in a long line of wonderful Thanksgivings--even more to be thankful for.


At 6:16 AM, November 30, 2011, Blogger Brenda said...

Yes, it was a wonderful Thanksgiving. I made a delicious turkey vegetable soup with your leftover lentils. Your lentil with mashed potatoes was surprisingly tasty dish.


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