Tuesday, February 05, 2013

"Celebration" and Introspection

On Friday evening, M and I headed up the coast for the weekend.

The main event was the memorial service/celebration of life for Jim on Saturday afternoon. Bittersweet though it was, it was an occasion for happy family togetherness too. The Chico Axtells were there when we arrived as was JeriLu. We had dinner and some of us waited up for Jay to arrive later that night.

Saturday morning brought Felicia and a walk on the beach. We hustled a little to get out and back in time to properly prepare for the service, but it was a lovely day to wander between the brackets of sand and surf. Roxy behaved herself and did not disappear into the tall grass.

The service itself was as you'd imagine. Tears. Humor. Tears. Hugs. I was glad it was held in a darkened theater. I know it's become almost reflexive, but I wish I'd had a different question and a different answer to "How are you?" The theater was full, but my hesitation about how many unrecognizable folks I'd see from the past were unfounded--I enjoyed seeing everyone and I think I recognized most right away. Jim's brother Ken and family were all very friendly and gracious. After the formal remembrances and chatting at the theater many of us headed across the street to the library and bar to drink and dance and talk. I caught up with a few old friends. Here's the photo set.

M was a peach, going back to Mom's to let the dogs out and then returning to whisk me home. The brothers cooked dinner, a joy to behold their teamwork, then we played cards, mulling over the memorial, and turned in.

Sunday morning we said goodbye to Jay and JeriLu. Don had gone over to his aunt's memorial service on Friday, and returned late Saturday night so we had some time with him. Another walk on the beach then the Chico clan departed for The Interior.

Judith came over in the afternoon and we made our way to Tom and Mary's to take in the Super Bowl with Caitlin on their large and lovely TV. M grilled burgers and we feasted on championship worthy snacks. It was a near miss with the Har-Brawl, but I'm just glad it was a good game. The mid-game blackout meant we didn't get back to Santa Rosa til late, but we made it.

A weekend to remember.


At 7:54 AM, February 06, 2013, Blogger Brenda said...

It was a weekend to remember. Thanks, Suzanne for the photos!


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