Thursday, August 01, 2013

I Know, I Know

I know. It's been far too long since I've posted.

I've been a-travelin'. I've been a-stress'ing (a very nice person I worked with quit and so I've been corralling a few of the pieces he left behind). I've also been having fun. I've resolved that since being crabby is emphatically not fun, why should I go there? I know that "keep calm and carry on" slogan the British used during WWII is getting way too much play, but that is a fair summation of my ethos lately. I'm juggling as fast as I can. Does that mean that some of the items I've been flinging into the air have been falling flat? Yes. Others are rolling away. Others are soaring. I hope I've prioritized wisely and/or adequately, and that I'll pick up the ones that need attention before it's too late. I just don't have enough time left on this earth to be negative, quite frankly.

If you're here and reading this, know that I deeply appreciate it. And I probably love you too.

So, I'm picking up the blog ball now and am just going to keep on juggling while I recap the fun.

It was Dad's 80th birthday this year, and he and Ginny very kindly decided to take part of the party to California. They spent a few days here in Santa Rosa over the 4th of July weekend. We picnicked at the French Marin Cheese Factory. We watched fireworks from our driveway, one of the few perks of the neighborhood where we live. Jay came over for a few days. He mowed our lawn; I'm still so grateful for that!

We removed to The Interior and had more fun with the Axtells of Chico and Redding. The official birthday party was held at the Sierra Nevada Brewery.

It was good to be together. I really appreciate Dad and Ginny's trek out to make it happen. I made a Flickr set of the visit.


Last week was OSCON, our big conference in Portland. I always look forward to the event since it means quality family time in a lovely city. And usually good food, too. There was all of that, and a husband as well, since M came up for part of the week, his first visit to PDX. The conference was very taxing, but that was offset by how much there was to enjoy: lunch at Lloyd and Jacque's with Jim, Enid, Michelle, Grayson, and Rowan; delightful meals at Heathman Lodge, Ox (a particularly memorable gustatory event), food truck; tourist-y trips to Powell's City of Books, the Saturday Market, and the Brew Fest; walks across the beautiful bridges and trips on the streetcars and light rail.

With Lloyd and Jacque at the Kennedy School

A walk with work friend Monique to the Pearl District for dinner

M's knee is healing, but it did bother him a bit on the trip. Guess we'll just have to keep at it. Here's the Portland photo set. I didn't take nearly enough snapshots. It was also nice coming back and being reunited with our furry son. I know he had a great time on the coast with Mom and Don, but as Dorothy says, there's no place like home.

I had a conference in good ol' Santa Clara at the end of June, plus the stays in Chico and Portland, so I've stayed in a few more hotels. Have you perused my photo set of Views from Hotel Rooms lately? If not, check it out. I'm up to 117 photos, though some are views from the same trip.

There's more fun coming up, including a wedding and the county fair this weekend. I'll try not to toss the blog ball so far away next time.


At 7:45 AM, August 05, 2013, Blogger Brenda said...

I'm glad that you love me and your photo sets are totally great.
So good to see your blog once again.


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