Saturday, January 15, 2005

An Offering to the Shopping Dieties

I bought A Dress this afternoon. It may or may not be The Dress. I went shopping in San Rafael to begin paying homage to the Shopping Gods--I need to have enough good karma built up so that I will indeed find The Dress at some point. The dress I purchased today is close, but not quite perfect. It's a beige (not blue or silver/grey) '50s lace number (a style I was looking for), embroidered all over with opalescent sequins and spotted with rhinestones, so it's quite sparkly. (Don't worry, M doesn't read my blog.) It fits, but it's itchy; the sleeves come to just above my elbow--I was hoping for sleeveless to show off my, ahem, bulging biceps; and it's boatneck rather than V. It's the right length (tea). I worry about matching shoes however. It was only $75, so I could have it altered and still spend much less than most wedding dresses. I could find another dress and not feel bad, I could maybe even sell it back to a vintage clothing store, cuz it's in good shape.

My biggest reservation (aside from the fact that it's beige) is that it just wasn't quite the heavens-parting THIS IS IT moment. And I had noone to share the purchase with (by choice)--even the saleslady was taking a call, so there was no pleasant chitchat leading to her congratulating me on my upcoming nuptials.

Well, there's more time, and therefore there will be more rifling through racks bedecked with satin and such.

It's been a wedding-centric day. This morning I had a long talk with my brother whose home will become command central in June. He's up for hosting a welcome dinner for anyone in town the evening before the wedding. Then I talked to my dad, who will host and help coordinate aforementioned bbq. A relief to check that off my list.


On Thursday last, I spent the day working at MacWorld in San Francisco. One of my tasks was to sell books at an event featuring a pretty much has-been actor who is now writing. (Nope, no photo with the celeb to post this time.) He sat next to me whilst signing books for his fans, and it was quite interesting to hear his patter. He was very gracious, and spoke with people as long as they wanted to.

The rest of the show was very busy. I was so grateful not to be in charge of our tradeshow logistics as I had been in the past. Too draining--I was knackered after just one day at the booth. But it was a good change of pace to get into the City, however briefly.


Tomorrow is BIC time with the writers group. Will I work on the novel, or continue to loaf? I have 18 hours to ponder that question.

As soon as I post this, I'll send off my Life Is Short entry. Eek!


Weekly Random Report
- Watched Pieces of April. More arty and enjoyable that I had anticipated. How can I get nostalgic about living in a crappy tiny apartment in an ugly dangerous neighborhood? But I did, and I cried thinking about those days gone by. Well, I'm also a sucker for families coming together.
- Watched Days of Wine and Roses. A PR flak in San Francisco who drinks too much. Who could that remind me of? Hmmmm...
- My sweet peas have sprouted, even the ones from seeds I harvested last year that I thought may not be mature enough. My wall of sweet peas will be magnificent! Bwaahahaha....
- It's staying lighter later, I can tell.
- We've had a whole flock of folks departing my company this past week, mostly for moving away reasons, but it's a bit disconcerting nonetheless.
- It's been especially lovely sleeping with the mutt lately. Sounds gross, I know, but he's like a living teddy bear, my own hot water bottle made of flesh, warm blood, and fur. His spooning comforts me, except when he pushes his calloused and clawed paws into my thighs in the middle of the night.
- Also picked up some yarn during my shopping sojourn today. I now have a scarf, hat, and another kitty pi to knit up. Better get clacking...
- Watched Beautiful Girls. Some redeeming qualities, nothing earthshattering.

Rex is giving me That Look. Guess it's time to walk the dog...


At 8:24 AM, January 16, 2005, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooooo dress! How (potentially) exciting! It's also funny that you talk about the shopping gods--my mom (who is my favorite shopping buddy) and I have joked about them for years. As in, "we have to buy this wonderful thing we found on sale or we'll anger the shopping gods and never be given such a blessing again" type of thing. Or as in, "the more you perform the rite of shopping, the more the gods are likely to smile upon you, their faithful worshipers, and give you what you want when you least expect it".

I vote for working on your novel. But I'm, er, biased. Yes I am.




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