Saturday, December 18, 2004

A Saturday Morning

December in California
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Reading through the day's new blogs, and thought I'd post one myself.

The hawk is up and about, invisible but audible. Last night, I wanted so badly to sleep in--I'm feeling a sore throat coming on--but I arose at 5:30 a.m. thanks in part to Dogboy, in part to a humming brain. I made a latte, put on my knit cap, wrapped blankets and felines about me and parked in the TV room with my book for several hours. Luxurious, but I couldn't shake off feeling tired. Crawled back into bed for another hour or so, trying to avoid the turning on the heater. I made cornbread for breakfast, a warm, comforting treat. M and I ordered a gift basket for his family and wrote out more Christmas cards. I commented on how we should resolve never to take the photocard pic in the morning ever EVER again, and we both wondered aloud how it happened that we chose to send a picture of ourselves that we are both embarrassed about to just about everyone that means anything to us.

M made great progress on the bathroom yesterday. He pulled everything out, all the fixtures, the floor, and there's a jagged, satisfying hole in the shower, which can only be hauled out of the bathroom in pieces. Once the demo is done, the hard part begins.

Now we're simultaneously typing on our laptops, which seems so odd to me. We're not geeks, we're not! How did these machines become such an integral part of our lives? Time to get back to the shudder Christmas cards...or maybe I should plant the tulip bulbs...


At 12:26 PM, December 20, 2004, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, you say "geek" like it's a bad thing....:P And now I'm curious to see the holiday picture you sent out. Heh.

(Can you tell my boss isn't here today and I'm finally having time to catch up and comment on everyone's blogs? Heh. Of course if I'm going to be surreptitiously flaking on work, you'd think I would be using the opportunity to get my own writing done...but naaaahhh. This is soooo much easier.)



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