Thursday, May 05, 2005

License to Wed

"Wed"nesday was a fun day for M and me--we went on down to the County Clerk's office and swore an oath that we the undersigned provided information that was true and correct, and that there were no legal barriers to our union. I was worried that we wouldn't be able to get the license, since I didn't have a copy of the final divorce judgment (if I couldn't get it in time, we hatched a contingency plan to go through with the wedding ceremony and reception, but just not tell anyone but the minister--we'd then see a justice of the peace once I had the proper paperwork). But since I've been divorced more than 90 days, no judgment was needed. We raised our right hands and read the statement together, though it took us a couple of tries to say it in unison. As we were driving away and I started blabbing about some mundanity, M stopped the car and turned to me, "Oh, Paw," he said, wanting to hold on to the moment a while longer. "I'm always a little amazed that we've come this far, and are going farther. That you would have me." Aww. See, that's why I'm marrying him.

We also dropped off my shoes to be dyed deep red with the world's crankiest cobbler. He came highly recommended, but I don't think I can pass on the recommendation after the condescending treatment he bestowed on me. Maybe the trolls in the back room had been misbehaving or something. Thank goodness it's only shoes.

And the caterer? She called apologetically on Monday--apparently she never received the confirmation note I sent in with the contract. She was very sorry, but I thought I detected a scosh of disbelief. Well, we're even in thinking it was the other's fault. We'll see how it goes on our next trip to Chico in a few weeks. I am looking forward to meeting with our minister on that trip, at least. He seems very pleased to be refereeing our ceremony, and extra enthusiasm is always welcome.


That New York Times. Gotta give it to them sometimes--I haven't tried it yet, but I just love this idea they wrote about, Dial-A-Poem (I've put a link in my Links section.)


I'm off to see Grandma tomorrow morning. She lives in a little town near Spokane. I'm really looking forward to seeing her. We usually sit and talk and look at pictures. I wished I lived closer, and could see her more often, but we'll get to spend a little bit of Mother's Day with her.

I'm hoping to come away with copies of some letters written by a woman who lived on the property adjoining my great-grandfather's--my grandma has copies since some of the letters refer to my great-grandfather. The woman was from the same town in Wisconsin as my great-grandfather, and came to Washington around the same time he did to marry the neighbor. Before she moved, however, she spent time in Colorado, and wrote to her betrothed about her experiences there. She was a wonderful writer, and it's such a lovely window into the turn of that other century.

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At 9:14 PM, May 08, 2005, Blogger Rebecca said...

Hmm. I could have sworn I'd posted a comment here yesterday. But maybe it didn't get processed correctly. Anyway - CONGRATULATIONS! about the latest step in the pre-wedding process and congratulations for finding a good man. :)


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