Friday, August 26, 2005

Home Again, Again

Back from a trip up the coast to my mom's. A lovely, foggy time was had by all. (We left Tuesday after M's interview, which went well, thanks for thinking of him. Now he just has to try to be patient for the results, which he won't know for at least another week.) Two whole days plus one morning of good food, walks on the beach and through the woods, and sleeping in just went by too quickly. We even watched a little network TV--oh those commercials are just painful. We did take in The Cooler with William H. Macy, which I enjoyed. I brought "The Half-Blood Prince" but just couldn't quite find the time to crack it.

We did have one adventure. We drove a big ol' rusty Chevy truck down to the snooty part of the coast, The Sea Ranch, to pick up a clay slab roller that my mom had agreed to house for her pottery class. The artist was moving, and so not only was she parting with the slab roller, but her large, shiny, almost new kiln as well. My mom couldn't resist, and so we loaded that sucker into the back of the truck and roared back to her place, the more expensive cars on the road giving us Beverly Hillbilly types a wide berth. Mom's excited. Now she can fire to cone 10. She wanted it to go to 11, but 10 will have to do.


crashed blanche

My stepdad is doing OK after his accident. Blanche used to be my car. It's my theory that she couldn't bear to face the same fate as his other car, an ancient Golf that has been resurrected so many times it could've transported Lazarus from his tomb, and so committed auto-seppuku. Unfortunately, she had to have a driver to do it.

Manchester School

I spent 7th and 8th grades in the room on the second floor to the right. I'm glad they didn't tear down this building when they built the new elementary school, but I hate seeing it in such sad shape. That's one of my lotto fantasies: buy this building and fix it up for the community. It could be a visitor's center, gallery for local artists, meeting space...

Alder creek

Alder Creek beach, where we took a nice walk on Wednesday. Fog, fog, fog.

So now I'm home, surfing my favorite sites, which I missed while I was gone. M had to go to work this afternoon, and now I'm missing him. We have a date tonight after he gets off work, to watch the end of the Raider game at Applebee's. What to to til then? Lay in the sun listening to "Master and Commander"? Print out some wedding photos for my guest book? Start Harry Potter, finally? Shop for some fruit? (I have a hankering for melon.) Decisions, decisions. Maybe a little of all of the above.


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