Saturday, October 01, 2005

Another Month Begins

BoingBoing was indeed filled with wonderful things today: unicorns, parody movie trailers, and hilariously bad Van Morrison songs that he recorded to fulfill a contract, covering such topics as ring worm and royalty checks.

I'm so excited--M is taking tomorrow off, yay! We haven't had a Sunday together since, well, since the wedding. And before that, who knows when. We'll do a little housecleaning, go to the Harvest Fair (I'm obsessed with the sheep dog trials), and then have a little bbq with some of his school friends if I can get off my duff to buy that pork loin he wants to grill at Costco, a heinous activity on Saturday afternoon. (I was thinking that imbibing a bit of Bud Light might help, but it's probably not a good idea to have one's defenses down while at Costco--who knows what I might come home with?)

We saw the San Francisco Comedy Competition semi-finals last night, using tickets "purchased" with my usher vouchers. We probably never would've gone otherwise. It was another excellent show--eight competing comedians, plus an emcee and last year's competition winner. It definitely improved after intermission when the drunken couple to M's left--who had be hollering unstintly during the first half and sucking face so loudly that even I could hear them--did not return to their seats next to him.

Back to work...


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