Monday, April 24, 2006

Return to Santa Clara

At Wolf House
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Here for a conference Had a nice visit Saturday with my aunt and uncle from Oregon last Saturday. We had lunch in Sonoma and stopped by Jack London State Park in Glen Ellen. Bonus visit from Mom, also in town for a friend's party.

My aunt and uncle arrived with gifts--a lovely wooden vase my uncle crafted in his shop and a notebook with the letters I mentioned earlier plus other gems from homesteader life. I'll post excerpts soon.


M's done with school. He's looking quite human. I can't wait for our long weekend together after this event wraps up. We have a few home projects planned, but we also need some relaxation time ensemble.


My company put on a Maker Faire last weekend, and I stopped by on the way down. Pretty cool stuff. Wish I could've seen more of the craft part. There was a whole sewing and screen printing hall, sigh.


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