Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Wednesday BIC*

As I write this blog, Pookie is snoring and M is taking his second and last final of this semester. Wills. I hope he's feeling good about it. Over the last few weeks, he'd ask me lots of wills-related questions from bed, going over flash cards while I brushed my teeth and performed my evening toilette. (Which, yes, still includes rubbing cuticle oil on my nails from my new spa kit, but no, does not include use of the facial peel that made my skin feel burn-y for hours.) So I'm getting a little practice with lawyerly phrases. I'm thinking that might come in handy in a variety of future situations. I want to try to help him argue and debate, since that's another skill that has many applications, but by the time we get to that part, I'm falling asleep. Wills are really an area where fairness counts and legal guidance is needed, I must say. I can understand why people get pissed about how assets are disposed of--or not disposed of. But that's one of the advantages of being dead, right? You could give a hoot.

It's M's last class for a few weeks, so I've started the honey-do list on the whiteboard in our kitchen. Don't worry, it's not very long. Yet.

So, news: The two candidates I made offers to at work accepted! Yay! It's thrilling. And a little scary. But I whistle a happy tune and noone ever knows I'm afraid. I've been neglecting my ushering duties for the past few months, but heeded the call from a fellow volunteer, and will be working not one, but two matinees of "The Nutcracker" this weekend. Penance for my neglect. I haven't done any Christmas shopping but for the person whose name I plucked from the "Giving Tree" at the office. And I think it's going to be "Happy New Year!" cards this season.

*Butt In Chair, ie, writing time


At 5:21 PM, December 14, 2006, Blogger Nancy said...

Were they happy when they got the offers? That must have felt good, giving two people something they apparently wanted. I hope they work out very well.


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