Sunday, August 05, 2007

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The fog is not burning off today, probably indicating that it's Hades-hot in the interior of the state, and the gray day has kept me in bed, laundry unfolded, teeth unbrushed, unshowered, for the better part of the day. I blew off writing time with Julia today--I just couldn't bear to leave the house. Well, I did, early--I took my mom and stepdad to the airport shuttle--they're going on a cruise to Alaska with my aunt and uncle, doesn't that sound lovely? I've been farting around online, shopping for belated birthday gifts (don't worry, Brandon, you'll be in that category too, no doubt) and for real estate which of course has made me very dissatisfied with my current abode. No, there are no plans to go anywhere soon, but I reallyreally want to move to the West County area, and I know that's going to take some planning. And a lot of cash. I've also been reading blogs, trying yet again to upload my beach movie to YouTube to no avail, uploading more photos to my Flickr account, and getting acquainted with PhotoBooth, a Mac application that's awfully fun.

So, an activities recap:

On Tuesday evening, Julia and I went to see fellow Pointy Sister Rebecca read some of her most excellent poetry in Mill Valley, an excruciatingly quaint town in a crunchy, 1970s kinda way. After the reading we wandered about a bit, window shopping and people watching, finally settling into an excruciatingly hip gelato shop for a snack. Many people in very expensive jeans, wandering in with their glasses of pinot noir--yes, apparently it's ok to drink in public as long as it's really expensive to match the jeans.

Friday night, date night, M and I went to Sonoma, another quaint town, but one with a more old-West feel. A friend of his had an entry in the Wine Country Film Festival, Dill. It was running a little late, so we had time to wander the historic plaza where they were getting ready for some sort of food and wine festival, and of course people were again roaming the streets with glasses of wine and expensive attire. We watched the screening in a hot, historic women's club then actually voted on his movie, just like a real film festival, except that it was of course all his family and friends in the (small) audience, so we weren't real objective. Afterwards we had a nice swanky Mexican/Mayan meal--one of M's students was the hostess, she was very cute, obviously really likes him as a teacher.

Other activities during the week: Went for my annual visit to my doctor. I've gained one pound since my last exam and am fairly healthy. Had lunches with two former colleagues. Yesterday was relaxation and chores for me, studying for M--finals approacheth. We had a big ol' night of grilling when mom and Don arrived. And now, what to do? Brush and fold and shower? Knit? Nap? Make pie crust for some unknown reason? It's nice having a little mental down time.


At 12:15 PM, August 07, 2007, Anonymous M said...

You forgot about the part where we were snippy to each other for the better part of an hour while we were waiting for the movie to start.


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