Thursday, April 17, 2008

San Francisco Moments

Today is the last day of my conference. It was mobbed yesterday, but I bet it will be much quieter today. It's been a very interesting experience being just a regular attendee and not one of the organizers. I've gotten some good ideas, but not a lot of practical info, unfortunately--ideally I'd like to get both. It's been hard being indoors all day, it feels like I'm in a casino (and there were some similarly scantily clad booth babes wandering around, adding to that feeling--where was the booth beef, I wonder?) and the weather has been spectacular, what little I've seen walking to and from the convention center. It's also a little frustrating trying to keep up with my work while paying attention to something else all day, particularly since part of our group is onsite at one of our events, so logistics are complicated. I've been emailing late into the night, which is never a good idea.

Enough about work. My first night in town, I met up with a friend and we took BART to Dosa, which did indeed serve incredible dosa. I did a little relaxation shopping at H&M the night before last (OK Thai food--very fresh and cheap but no atmosphere). Last night I stopped by Crate & Barrel to purchase an Eva Zeisel tea kettle (pleasant Japanese restaurant, soba noodle soup which is hard to come by in Sonoma County for some reason, I actually spoke to others sitting at the sushi bar, usually I'm mum when I dine alone). The kettle is not part of our china pattern, but I wanted it anyway. There was just one left in the store and I'm glad I grabbed it since apparently it's being discontinued.

I'm very much looking to going home tonight. I miss my little pack very much.

I caught this while walking to my convention yesterday morning. A justification for always keeping a camera with me! I was surprised to see that the whole process was still a manual operation, but that's a good idea--green before it was cool.

I'm trying out Flickr video--any comments?


At 7:21 AM, April 18, 2008, Blogger Michelle said...

Thanks for the street car video. Rowan loved it! He watched it 3 times in a row.


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