Wednesday, September 03, 2008

TMs from Bonneville

8:41:04 am 9/2/2008
Standing in line for registration and inspection. Will take at least 2 hours. Fun. Luv u.

12:55:05 pm 9/2/2008
Weather is best ever. Getting ready 4 1st run.

4:44:38 pm 9/2/2008
S&S bike frame is bent. Eric had a nasty fishtale @ 120 mph on 1st run, almost went down. Going to run other bike tomorrow. Luv u my paw.

5:49:23 pm 9/2/2008
Maybe frame is not bent. Could be front end is f*cked up. Nobody can figure it out yet. Oh well. Me love paw.

6:03:51 pm 9/2/2008
I'm baked. I'll call after dinner. It will be at least a couple hours.

1:33:29 pm 9/3/2008
Buzy day so far 1st run cooked a wire & battery in 2nd mile. 2nd run 162 mph. Wind pushed, he had to lift throttle. Getin ready 4 3rd run. Tritip a hit. Luv u

3:50:11 pm 9/3/2008
A streamliner crashed @ over 270. Theres debre scatered 4 over half mile of track, debre included the riders arm. CPR not efective. Track closed for day. Luv u

4:09:38 pm 9/3/2008
Confirmed. Rider is dead. @ end of run the thing literaly took flight & spun in the air sheding parts. The safety cage hit & rolled 4 1/4 mile. Bad scene. Luv

6:39:50 pm 9/3/2008
Old bike runs tomorrow morn if track is open. Turns out rider is alive but hanging by a thread. Dinner & party tonight ill call after if not too late. Luv u

7:57:33 pm 9/3/2008
Whatever u want paw. Watching Palin. Shes good at distorting reality, must be why she was picked. Luv u.

[Thought I'd keep the political flames fanned by included the last one.]

Happy Birthday plus a day, Ginny!


At 7:32 AM, September 05, 2008, Blogger bren said...

How did Eric do?


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