Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Weak Recap

Moon, leaves
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It's been a full week with not much to show for it.

No, that's not true.

It was a long work week, yes. But it ended well. On Saturday, M and I went shopping at Costco, and I know this sounds pretty lame, but having weekend time with him to just live our lives together was so nice. I couldn't help smiling at him and the aggressive flies across the slightly nasty plastic picnic tables while eating over cheese-fooded slices of pizza under unflattering fluorescent lighting in the hulking windowless warehouse where we swore to fight our way into when the apocalypse comes before our shopping adventure began. I picked up a tasty bottle of Bogle Zinfandel which made me too sleepy to finish watching our (well, OK, my) Netflix pic later that night, about a supposedly blind ronin (unfettered Samurai) posing as a masseur but apparently he was posing being blind as well. So disappointing, but I do love the peek into another rich culture.


And the next day, Sunday, I still felt the after effects of imbibing slightly too much wine, but met up with the writers group gals for Butt in Chair Time for the first time in what seems like forever after a long morning lingering under covers in bed. And it was all great. Us pointy pals blabbed. We realized that we had missed our fifth (five years!) anniversary of writing together back in September. I started my character study of the heroine of my romance novel and toyed with the idea of joining NaNoWriMo to try to finish it off quickly. I'm still toying with the idea, but it seems like a darn good one, even to just get a start on something. Something, anything.

We adjourned to other commitments but reconvened just hours later in a large suburban backyard to celebrate Julia's art show with friends and treats that included cupcakes and chocolate cookies and champagne. I met someone in person for the first time, a longtime blog reader and email correspondent, and it just made my heart sing and reassured my tenuous belief in internet interconnectedness. I met a number of other people, too, which is still…hard for me. But gets a little easier as time rolls on.


The atmosphere is beautiful lately, air so clear, providing unhindered views of moon and mountains and stars, in the dark morning as I sling my workout bag in the trunk and gaze up at Orion to give me strength. Despite the brief recent rain, the hillsides are almost black the grass is so dry. But as Halloween approaches and the twisted branches of oak trees seem to become more prominent it's a reminder that we're moving into the proper season.

Fall is the time of change for me and I'm looking forward to what time has to bring me.


At 1:04 PM, October 14, 2008, Blogger elm said...

I see Orion at 6 in the morning now, right over my head, spread out soo far. How do you see it 3,000 miles away? Rather miraculous. a.j.

At 8:28 AM, October 15, 2008, Blogger bren said...

I was missing your blog, my dear.


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