Saturday, April 18, 2009

"Dyslexic Hips" and Catching Up

Kam, I've been meaning to blog, really I have. I hope at least the quality of my sparse posts is some small consolation for the lack of frequency.

So the life recap, in no particular order (that would be just too taxing):

Mur's new office
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My four-day weekend was heavenly. I didn't check work email, not once! That was odd, but refreshing. I met M for lunch at his office on Thursday--he's moving into an actual office and I helped him arrange the furniture. We have more to do, which we may work on today.

On Friday, I met one of my long-time friends and her daughter in San Francisco for a trip to the de Young museum to see an Andy Warhol retrospective. I had been thinking that going during the week would ease crowds and parking, but it was Good Friday of course, d'oh! We spend quite a lot of time driving around Golden Gate park looking for a spot big enough for the Monster Mobile, which of course is a challenge. It was all worth it when, as we were walking to the museum, ran into my mom and stepdad! They had just come from the Academy of Sciences. Pretty funny. The Warhol exhibit was very good. I had forgotten how many projects he was into--Interview magazine, TV and video production, and the Silver Factory. Wild days.

On Saturday, Mom and Don came back through town and we had a nice lunch in honor of his birthday. We took them to see M's office, and they were appropriately impressed. That evening met up with friends and went to see David Lindley and Beau Soleil playing at a local theater. Live music is certainly missing from my life. (I did just make plans to see a piano concert next Sunday and drag M to our local junior college's production of "Guys and Dolls" at the end of the month--hope to continue that trend!)

On Sunday, M and Sean allowed me to come fishing with them and we spent the day floating on Lake Sonoma. Won. Der. Ful. The hills were still very green, the wildflowers were varied and abundant, the air neither too hot nor too cool. We beached the boat a couple of times and Rex and I wandered up in the hills. We stared at lizards staring at us, poked our faces into the huge burrows we encountered, startled a small herd of cows and their calves. As it's still National Poetry Month, I was inspired to write my annual poem--I need to clean that up for posting. I was starting to feel a great weight of Sunday blues as we drove home from the lake--more than usual because it had been such a pleasant weekend and I knew a lot of catching up awaited me at the office. But more diversion awaited--as we arrived to drop off the boat, Sean's mom insisted that we come in for Easter dessert, so we did, despite feeling a little gritty and sunbaked from a full day on the water. But I was so glad I did. Other family members were there and it was very pleasant--pushing the anticipation of work away for a while longer. I needed that.

I finished Jane Eyre. Loved it. Need to dive into another tale soon, it helps focus my mind on issues other than work that seem to creep into my thoughts constantly.

Last Tuesday, the husband-and-wife team that M works for took us and another coworker and her husband out to dinner at a very swanky joint to celebrate the signing of their 50th client. Three hours and four bottles of wine later, we all felt pretty satisfied with how the business is progressing. I could get use to that tasty lifestyle. The paralegal in his office is apparently Argentinian--she doesn't have an accent--and she and her adorable thickly accented Argentine husband are having a second ceremony in their native land in December. I was thinking that would be a good reason to travel to the land of tango (of course she'd invite me, right?) but checking the airfares the next day put the kibosh on that..

I'm feeling a little better about Zumba class, aerobic activity-wise, but it is sadly revealing that I have no affinity at all for Latin dance. My feet and arms are doing the basic moves, but I'm not light enough on my feet, and my hips just don't have any sense of direction, leading a classmate to comment that they are dyslexic. Now I'll have a complex!

M and I are meeting with a re-fi guy today, someone he used to work with, so hopefully that ball will be rolling if we can still get the interest rate and point amount (or lack thereof). We're meeting at a Starbucks this morning, and I've been craving a latte for days now. Other plans for the weekend: washing the dog and cleaning out the garage. And the poem. And firming up my plans to visit Grandma next month! So much to look forward to.

One thing I've been noticing lately. I'm spending a lot more time with M. He hasn't had to teach the last couple of weeks, so we have most evenings together, plus the weekends. He's not studying or stressing. It's sort of an odd feeling, it seems wrong almost, like he's missing out on something, or that this is just a vacation of some sort and will end soon. After years of selling cars when I never saw him on weekends and he worked late, and then law school, where he studied on weekends and went to class at night, and frankly wasn't with me much mentally even if his physical self was around…it's like we're finally really living our lives together. This is giving me a lot of joy lately.

OK, I couldn't help myself. I edited the post into chron order.


At 6:35 AM, April 19, 2009, Blogger bren said...

Lots of chuckles about your Zumba class.

At 11:17 AM, April 19, 2009, Blogger elm said...

Thanks, Suz! And you are right-the quality of your posts does make up for infrequency.

At 11:30 AM, April 19, 2009, Blogger elm said...

That comment was from me, Kamala. I am at Mom's. ELM says she agrees with me, however.


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