Thursday, May 13, 2010


One thing I forgot to mention last post, and was reminded of as I watched "Master and Commander" this evening: While in Seattle, milling with the other human cattle for the connecting flight to Spokane, I noticed a small, thin young man also waiting to board the plane with a military type 'do. Earlier, I had seen a young woman with her blond hair wound in a bun in her crisp Navy whites eating pizza in the food court. I wondered how it could be that we "defend" our country with such fragile youth. I was one of the last to deplane, so witnessed a scene I seem to see every time I arrive in Spokane--the same young man embracing an equally young woman who was showering him with kisses while others clasped their hands and watched or filmed the touching scene. I overheard another young woman echoing my thoughts to a member of the welcoming party: "Even though I don’t even know you, I'm getting all choked up." I fervently hope that one day we'll never have to welcome our young people home from such unnecessary danger.


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