Sunday, March 08, 2015

More of the Same

Not much excitement to report out this way. Still no rain. I did get a new camera yesterday, a Nikon CoolPix. It was cheap at Costco and seems to be enough camera for my needs. Also, the video part seems easier to figure out - I had a hard time knowing if my last camera was recording or not. It's amazing to me how many features is has for so small a device and price.

M and I have been enjoying the fine weather with the motorcycle, taking a ride to the beach last weekend.

Yesterday we took a much longer ride, five and a half hours, along Dry Creek Road and then along King Ridge. I found out that four hours is really about my limit. I was wiped out for the rest of the day.
We stopped for a picnic on the banks of this creek along Old Skaggs Springs Road

M continues on his home beautification projects. He tried to warn me how much he was going to cut back the oak tree, but I didn't really absorb it and was pretty shocked when I came home one day last week.

Some excitement is ahead however - we're going to Boston next week! I have a conference and M has never been, so he's really looking forward to it. I have an extra day on either end, so hopefully we'll be able to see Kamala and clan a couple of times.

From my Happiness Project notebook, some of the things that have made me happy lately:

Feb 25: M got up with me and made us waffles before work

Feb 28: Laying around and reading a book, The Good Lord Bird

March 1: Going to church then taking a motorcycle ride, smelling juicy grass, manure, salt water, skunk, fresh air along the way

March 4: The huge luminous moon bookending my commute - golden in the morning darkness heading west, white in the east this evening

March 6: Going out to dinner and seeing M suffer from the super spicy Indian food


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I love the happiness comments!


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