Sunday, October 24, 2004

Conference Ahoy

View from the Westin Santa Clara
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I'm in Santa Clara for my conference, thankfully the last one til March. It's a familiar and comfortable place, so very little stress. When I first started this job, rashes would bloom across my belly every conference, and I'd barely be able to sleep. Now, my Tylenol PM remains in the bottle and my anti-itch cream stays be-tubed.

I did have two strange dreams last night, which I'm blaming on conference stress. In one, my ex popped the question again, and thinking it what a spontaneous idea it was, I went for it. When I woke up in my dream, I realized what an idiot I had been to do such a thing. What would M. think? How could I get out of it? OK, maybe I can't blame the conference for that one.

In my other dream, I was moving gardening tools in at a remote farm, when a short, older man pulled up in a car. When he got out, I knew he was a serial killer, after me. His weapon? A broken cinder block. There I was with my various spading forks and other menacing tools--I coulda taken him, but instead I was terrified. Kinda like when the expendable chicks in the old monster flicks can't seem to escape the slow-moving mummy.

So, there I was at 4:30 a.m. last night, tossing and turning after these dreams. So now I'm tired, wondering why I never seem to remember my happy dreams. Well, hopefully I'll wander off to the Land of Nod without incident tonight, waking refreshed for our first day of the conference.


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