Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election Day

It's here, finally. I voted weeks ago, and so far haven't had any regrets. Though I was worried--some of the measures were a little confusing. I'm just so glad it will be over. Yes, we have lots of issues to sort out still, but this will be a little bit of closure. And while I like that at least we Americans can finally pull together in one area--Voting Is Important--I'm more and more dismayed at how either/or this country is becoming. Living in a land of compromise is lame, I admit--the "blanding" of our experiences and backgrounds so as not to offend anyone is wearing on me. But I think I prefer it to feeling open hostility from my compatriots for not believing in what another group believes. Today's result won't make much of a difference, I fear, no matter how it turns out. I think we have deeper to sink before we rise again to the light of reason and tolerance...


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