Thursday, December 02, 2004

My Hero

M is bathed in a particularly fetching glow these past two days, in my eyes. He did it--he spoke to our neighbors about their dog. He calmly expressed that they were treating their dog cruelly, and that he wanted to help--help with training, help find the dog a new home, whatever.

When M first told me about the shock collar last weekend, I did have a pretty bad reaction. I felt so helpless as well as angry, and I think that had a motivating effect on M. He's just doing the right thing, but it's amazing to me.

He said the husband was taken aback, but it got him thinking, apparently: a doghouse has appeared. I haven't had a chance to sneakily examine it in detail yet, but I think it's too small. But it's a start.


Feeling like you don't have enough worthy goals in your life? I know I don't! Here's a little guidance for us, an article about 100 Things to Do Before You Die. Gotta get those Choctaw audio tapes for the commute, yeah...


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