Sunday, December 05, 2004

Life Is Sweet

It was, perhaps, a perfect day yesterday, and for no good reason.

I awoke refreshed (did not have the extra beer the night before).

M and I powerwalked with the dog first thing.

While he showered, I made him breakfast and lunch for his long study day.

I made an arrangement of roses.

I did a few chores--a load of laundry, made the bed, blogged briefly--that I knew would make me feel organized.

I started my Christmas shopping by going to a rummage sale in a senior community where a friend lives. The lucky brooch I had pinned on when leaving the house worked--I found a CD of Christmas music for 50 cents. A first purchase is the essential offering to the Shopping Gods. I chatted briefly with my friend, which was so pleasant.

The quaint little village of Sebastopol proved fruitful:
Pint glasses for M, a bug vacuum/explorer kit for nephew, slippers and foot goodies for secret santa sis-in-law, groovy poncho for niece, and a lovely Pendleton robe for me, half price at a consignment store. Sadly, no yarn for Veronica's kitty pi.

I also rifled through the dress racks at a vintage store for wedding dresses. Didn't find anything, but the idea that I might be able to marry in an outfit costing less than century note appeals to me mightily.

Back home, I started to decorate the house--tis the season. I had gotten some fire sale Christmas-y things from Michael's years ago, but never used them. So now the gate has festive fake greenery (my Martha Stewart training made me cringe, until I remembered how much money I was saving, and found out how easy that stuff is to work with) and the breezeway is festooned with colored lights. I could barely keep from grinning as I did this--I'm such a craft geek. I think M can help me hang the icicle lights on Wednesday. Can't wait!

Then I multi-tasked my way: started dinner, knitted on a cap for my nephew while Pookie sat in my lap and I listed to Prairie Home Companion, pausing occasionally to sip some beer. How could life get any better, I thought? I hadn't overextended myself, budget-wise or time-wise. I felt filled to just the right amount, humble and grateful for that feeling. I am so fortunate to have what I have.

M came home late--he had been kicked out of the library, so spent the last two hours studying at Krispy Kreme. I kissed him when he came in the door, and he looked so strange--his eyes were glazed, and he smelled sweet and slightly of cream of tartar. We had eaten dinner and were an hour into American Splendor (which I recommend) before he emerged from his study coma.

Today, we slept in, feasted on a breakfast of pancakes, raked the leaves, and now we're back at the library. I'm blogging instead of working on my essay for tomorrow's writers group meeting. OK! Fine! I'm going there now...


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